Did you know?

Every day in our community there are children who cannot concentrate in school because they have not eaten.
There are parents who sacrifice their own nutritional needs so that their children can have something to eat.
There are elderly people who have to choose between buying food, buying needed medicines or paying bills.
There are working people who sometimes run out of money to buy food.
Dealing with normal everyday life is nearly impossible when you’re hungry.  Families Helping Families deals with that most basic human need – food – so struggling adults and children can face everyday life situations, whether big or small.

2014 Hunger in America Study – Georgia Results

  • 18.7 percent of the people living in Georgia are food insecure*,  meaning that they don’t always know where they will find their next meal.
  • 28.2 percent of Georgia children live in food insecure households. This is well over 1 in every 4  Georgia children.
  • 18.5 percent of Georgians are living in poverty.
  • More than 1 in every 100 senior citizens in Georgia is living in poverty .
*The USDA defines food insecurity as the lack of access to adequate food resulting from the lack of money and other resources.